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Eversley, J. (Director); Higgins, K. (Producer) (2019) Pre-placement workshop A video of a Forum Theatre workshop to prepare postgraduate students for work placements

Eversley, J. (December 2018) Social and Community Development -An Introduction London: MacMillan International Higher Education

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Eversley, J. (2016) Working Conversations?: Language at the Workplace IR Multling/London Metropolitan University Video Working Conversations?

Johnson, R. – Director (2015) Video Bytes: peer researcher reflections on their experience: Video Bytes

Rifkin, F. (Director); Johnson R. & Eversley J. (Producers) (2015b)  Clean? designed to explore how a service user might raise issues about sexual health with a practitioner and to stimulate discussion about how the practitioner might respond as part of Making Every Contact Count.

Rifkin, F. (Director); Johnson R. & Eversley J. (Producers) (2015a)  Cuts and Nails: a scenario about possible changes to a person’s support under the 2014 Care Act and possible safeguarding issues.

Eversley, J. (2014) Report on workshops to explore Difficult Conversations with social care staff Report on Difficult Conversations workshops

Eversley, J. (2014) Is there an Emancipatory Psychiatry? In Moodley, R. and Ocampo, M. Critical Psychiatry and Psychology -Exploring the work of Suman Fernando in Clinical Practice. London: Routledge.

Eversley J. Ed. (2014) Physical activity from young Somalis’ point of view: a Focus group study in the London Borough of Brent HSF/ppre CIC  Physical Activity among Somali Young People in Brent on Researchgate

Waples, S. & Eversley, J. (2013) Counting the Somali Community In Brent

Counting the Somali population in Brent

Harper, G.: Eversley, J. and Mayhew, L. (2013) Haringey from a new perspective: Using administrative data to describe and estimate the local population Mayhew Harper Associates Haringey population

Eversley, J. (2012) Support Planning Evaluation (for LB Tower Hamlets). ppre CIC

Meeuwesen, L., Ani, E., Cesaroni, F., Eversley, J. & Ross, J. (2012) Interpreting in health and social care: policies and interventions in five European countries. In: D. Ingleby, A. Chiarenza, W. Devillé & I. Kotsioni (Eds.) Inequalities in Health Care for Migrants and Ethnic Minorities. COST Series on Health and Diversity, Volume II (pp. 158-170). Antwerp/Apeldoorn: Garant.

Eversley, J (2012) Continuity in a Changing World – 100 years of GP representative bodies London BMA Continuity in a Changing World

Sturdy P, Bremner S, Harper G, Mayhew L, Eldridge S, Eversley, J.  et al. (2012) Impact of Asthma on Educational Attainment in a Socioeconomically Deprived Population: A Study Linking Health, Education and Social Care Datasets. PLoS One 7(11) Impact of Asthma on Educational Attainment

Cater, S (Editor, Eversley, J) (2011) Healthy Start and Vitamin D insight Project Report ppre/WHFS NHS Tower Hamlets

Moarefvand, M (Dir) and Hopkins, E (Editor) (2011) More than Moaning – using Forum Theatre for education evaluation on YouTube Using Forum Theatre for evaluation of education

Eversley, J: Smith R; Rifkin, F and Burns, C (2011) Tobacco and mental health: An investigation of beliefs, behaviour and understanding in relation to smoking and chewing tobacco, cessation and the use of services. ppre CIC.

Mirza, K. and Eversley J. Eds (2011b) Islam and Health (80 minute DVD). ppre CIC.

Mirza, K. and Eversley J. Eds (2011a) Islam and Health workshops on YouTube Islam and Health

Eversley J and Mayhew, L (2011) Using local administrative data to evaluate social and community cohesion in Ratcliffe, P. and Newman I. and Promoting social cohesion: Implications for policy and evaluation. Bristol: Policy Press

Eversley, J.; Mehmedbegovic´, D.; Sanderson, A.; Tinsley, T.: von Ahn, M.: and Wiggins, R.D. (2010) Language Capital - Mapping the languages of London’s schoolchildren London: CILT User Guide

Eversley, J. Ed (2010) Training in Intercultural and Bilingual Competencies in Health and Social Care (TRICC) UK Handbook ppre CIC.

Moarefvand, M (Dir) (2010c) Barriers to immunisation: Question and Answer session with Dr Helen Bedford on YouTube Barriers to Immunisation-part 2

Moarefvand, M (Dir) (2010b) Barriers to immunisation: discussion with mothers in Tower Hamlets on YouTube Barriers to Immunisation part 1

Schickler, P & Eversley, J. (2010) Identifying the barriers preventing parents from getting their children immunised ppre /WHFS

Harper, G. (Eversley, J. Ed) (2010) Health Equity Audit of Childhood Immunisation ppre

Moarefvand, M (2010a) Developing Skills - a 15 minute DVD about developing the skills of informal and ad hoc interpreters on YouTube  Developing Skills and Awareness of Ad Hoc Interpreters

Ullah, AA and Eversley J (2010) Bengalis in London’s East End. Swadhinata Trust. Bengalis in London's East End

Eversley J Ed (2010) Report on Peer Research On Individual Budgets in Islington  LBI/ppre/daii.

Murphy, T and Smith, R Packington Families Project Evaluation Report (2010).ppre

Eversley, J (2009) Direct Action and Grassroots Democracy

The legacy of Saul Alinsky Goldsmiths University of London, London Civic Forum and London Metropolitan University Alinsky's Legacy

Eversley, J (2009) Recruitment to Registered Nursing and Health Care Support Worker Roles from the Local Community ppre Limited.

Butler C and Eversley J (2009) Refugee Health Professionals Survey - Final Report for the Refugee Health Professionals Programme, NHS Employers

Eversley, J (2008) Shabby Treatment [on the history of the treatment of Refugee Health Professionals] Jewish Socialist, Spring 2008. pp 18-19.

Williams B, Copestake P, Eversley J and Stafford B (2008) Experiences and Expectations of Disabled People - A research report for the Office for Disability Issues Experiences and Expectations

Eversley, J. (2007) White Slavery – the continuing story Jewish Socialist, Winter 2007. pp 18-19.

Office for Public Management (2007) Involvement for real Equality – the benefits for public services of involving disabled people. Disability Rights Commission.

Heynat J, Winkelmann-Gleed A, Eversley J and Ullah A.U. (2007) Increasing Participation amongst ethnic groups within nursing, midwifery, and the health care professionals -Final Evaluation Report ppre.

Eversley J and Rifkin F (2007) Forum Theatre Forum Theatre

Butler C and Eversley J (2007) Guiding their way: assisting refugee health professionals

The Clinical Teacher Number 4 pp 146 – 152. Blackwell Publishing.


Butler C and Eversley J (2007) Department of Health Refugee Health Professional Steering Group: Writing up the work of the Group ppre Limited

Eversley J (2007) Interview with Swadhinata Trust on Bangladeshi community in Tower Hamlets in the 1970s available at Interview with Swadhinata Trust

Eversley J and Vernon P (April 2007) Gauging and Engaging - the future of local race equality work in London. ROTA available at Gauging and Engaging Executive Summary

Eversley J (2007) The Health Authority: accountable for What, to Whom and How?  In Savage, W.  (Ed) Birth and Power - A Savage Enquiry revisited. Middlesex University Press.

Butler, C and Eversley, J (September 2006) REACHE Final Evaluation Report. ppre Limited

Butler, C and Eversley, J (July 2006) Ready and Waiting. Refugee Doctors in London: their pathways to success. ppre Limited

Eversley, J and Skinner, J (June 2006) Access and Quality: The Experience of GPs in Barnet Research carried out for  Barnet Patient and Public Involvement Forum 2005-06 Primary Health & Social Care Centre, London Metropolitan University

Butler, C and Eversley, J (March 2006) QMUL Refugee Doctors Programme – Final Evaluation Report. ppre Limited

 Butler, C and Eversley, J (November 2005) Climbing the Ladder: Refugee doctors in London: their numbers, pathways to practice and success in getting jobs. ppre Limited

Butler, C and Eversley, J (March 2005) More than you think: Refugee Doctors in London, their numbers and success in getting jobs ppre Limited.

Baine, S; Camp, S; Eversley, J and Robertson, I: Investors in Communities: Lessons so Far. Institute of Housing for Joseph Rowntree Foundation. 2005.

Mayhew, L, Eversley, J and Harper, G: Neighbourhood Knowledge: Management Pilot Project: Making Neighbourhood Knowledge Accessible. Tower Hamlets Partnership, 2004.

Eversley, J (and co-authors for two chapters): four chapters in Refugee Doctors: Support, development and integration in the NHS Eds: Jackson, N. and Carter, Y.) Radcliffe Medical Press, 2004.

Eversley, J: On Course: refugees and community development. (Edited by Contreras –Ramirez, A) Praxis. 2004.

Eversley, J. (2003) Introductory Paper in Isom, M. and Kandhiah, M. [Eds] (2003) The origins and establishment of the internal market in the NHS. London ICBH.

Eversley J and Kassayie, B (Eds): Refugee Inclusion: a strategic approach to housing. QMUL and Praxis, 2002.

Eversley, J and Khanom, H: Forced Marriage in the Bangladeshi Community Tower Hamlets Multi-agency Steering Group, PPRU QMUL October 2002.

Eversley, J and Iman, F: Forced Marriage in the Somali Community – A report. Tower Hamlets Multi-agency Steering Group PPRU, QMUL 2002.

Baine, S; Mayo, M; Eversley, J, O Connor: D, Rashid, T and Xavier-Small, J, Butler, C:  New Life for Paddington evaluation reports (1-18) QMUL/Goldsmiths College. 2001-2004.

Baine, S; Camp, S; Eversley, J and Robertson, I: Investors in Communities: Interim Evaluation Report.  2002.

Eversley, J: The History of NHS Charges. Contemporary British History Volume 15 Summer 2001, Number 2.

Eversley, J et al Ethnicity and the Costs to Local government – Report for HEA SIG. Public Policy Research Unit, Queen Mary University of London – April 2001.

Eversley, J et al: Refugee and Overseas Qualified Nurses living in the UK. PPRU, February 2001.

Eversley, J: Final report on Evaluation and Action Research on Pathways to Access. PPRU, July 2000.

Eversley, J: St Peter’s North Interim Report. PPRU, April 2000.

 Baker P and Eversley, J: Multilingual Capital:  the languages of London’s schoolchildren and the economic and social implications. Battlebridge Press. January 2000.

Eversley, J and Sheppard, C: Thinking the Unthinkable: Why Charges Don’t Work. Health Matters. January 2000.

Popay, J, and Jee, M, Eversley J: Evaluation of the London and Northern Health Partnerships. Kings Fund. January 2000.

LB Newham (2009) Involvement of disabled people and people with learning difficulties and Disabled People and People with Learning Difficulties Best Value Improvement Plan.

Greenhalgh, T and Eversley, J:  Quality in general practice:  towards a holistic approach Kings Fund, March 1999.

Eversley, J. Many Rivers to Cross: medical education and general practice and Greenhalgh, T and Eversley, J The impact of the education service partnership on service quality in Gillam, S, Eversley, J Snell, J and Wallace P (Eds): Building Bridges – The future of GP education – developing partnerships with the service. Kings Fund. January 1999.

Eversley, J: Planning for Health in East London. Rising East Volume 2, Number 3. January 1999.

Eversley, J and Rashid, T: Commissioning Culturally Sensitive Services in Hillingdon. PPRU. September 1998.

Eversley, J and Webster, C: Light on the Charge Brigade. Health Service Journal. 17 July 1997.

Berlin A, Gill P, Eversley J. Refugee doctors in Britain: a wasted resource. BMJ 1997; 315: 264. Refugee Doctors a Wasted Resource

Eversley, J and Levy, J.  (Eds), J: Aspirations and Achievements: the case of Bangladeshis and the professions. Public Policy Research Unit, 1997.

Eversley, J: Action not Words. Healthcare Today, October 1997.

Eversley J The 1990 GP Contract in context in Ellis, N and Chisholm, J (Eds) Making Sense of the Red Book (3rd Edn). Radcliffe Medical Press, 1997.




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